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Well, it’s officially April, which means Simple Green Smoothies‘ second 30 day challenge of the year is ON! I first transitioned into the “eat clean” lifestyle in the beginning of the year with their previous green smoothie challenge, which started on New Year’s Day. I was skeptical at first (…they’re GREEN) but they are so delicious and filling. I lost about 7 pounds and reached my lowest weight (and highest energy) in years during the first challenge, but unfortunately the stress of the semester has left me pretty burnt. So you can imagine how psyched I am to get back on track and hopefully use this as an opportunity to re-establish any healthy habits that may have been compromised.

Smoothie with kale, banana, grapefruit, and mango!

Smoothie with kale, banana, grapefruit, and mango!

To get myself back into a more regular schedule at the gym (something else I need to be more conscious of) I also bought a natural energy supplement from GNC. It’s a lychee mango chew that’s supposed to boost your energy and metabolism and between that and the green smoothies every day, I am definitely noticing an increase in energy. Today, I went running between class and orchestra. I went to class in my gym clothes, and for those of you who know me, you know I am NEVER seen in public in gym clothes, unless you happen to see me walking to the gym from my apartment. And now you know why I never made it in “fitspo.”


Green smoothie bowl with cinnamon Puffins and chia seeds

Green smoothie bowl with cinnamon Puffins and chia seeds

Another thing I’m excited to try during this challenge are brand new ways of making and using green smoothies. The other day, I did a twist on cereal and milk (my biggest weakness… I could eat bowls and bowls of it on end) by adding 1/2 cup of Puffins to a very thick smoothie made with kale, almond milk, water, and a TON of frozen fruit. I added chia seeds for some extra fiber and texture, and oh DAMN. It was good. Then, in keeping with the challenge of the week to “rotate your greens,” I added a leaf of green lettuce to the greens in my smoothie this morning.

"Lettuce" enjoy this beautiful smoothie!

“Lettuce” enjoy this beautiful smoothie!

As I continue with my second green smoothie challenge experience, I will update periodically. Also, I can’t wait to get this blog looking fancy and getting up and running. But first, to teach myself how the hell to use CSS and codes and whatever. And to write the paper I have to submit before noon.




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