Aspen 2013: First Few Days

I am in my second full day and third partial day at the Aspen Music Festival, and my biggest impression (so far) besides the fact that I’m actually here to begin with is that it’s indescribably beautiful here. Pictures can hardly do it justice, but here’s one I took from where I’m sitting to write this, just in case you’d like an idea…


The travel it took to get here was extensive and, I won’t lie, a little scary toward the end. The flight into Denver was nothing, but trying to land in Aspen was another story. The short flight was pretty turbulent (understatement) and because of the way the wind was blowing, the tiny connecting plane went in to land but instead, shot straight back up and had to circle around the mountain again before finally landing, at which point everyone clapped, cheered, or finally breathed out. Yeah, it was one of those kinds of flights. But that was a relatively small price to pay to be in such a magical place.

I haven’t really had anything eventful happen yet, besides registration and getting my ID picture taken, before which I promptly slipped in a pile of mud in one of my cuter sundresses and got earth all over the lower half of my body. I have auditions for orchestra and chamber music tonight and tomorrow morning, and have been preparing for those. Taking a practice break to sit outside and listen to the stream while I write this was a good idea, as it’s taking some of the stress away!

In terms of the food here (I am, after all, the Hungry Musician), it’s becoming progressively easier to find options in the dining hall. I haven’t been to the one on campus yet, which I’ve heard is better, but I can tell that for the next 8 weeks, my diet is going to consist of a lot of salad and steamed vegetables. Thankfully, the salad bar has balsamic vinegar, olive oil, AND hummus, so I can make my magical dipping sauce/dressing/sandwich spread, which is really REALLY good. 1 tbs. hummus, 1-2 tbs. balsamic, 1 tsp olive oil. Make it immediately and put that ish on EVERYTHING. You’re welcome. I also went shopping yesterday downtown, which is adorable and has gorgeous real estate, and bought some breakfast-y food like oats, bananas, peanut butter, pre-cut fruit, yogurt, etc. to store in my “kitchen.” Not having a stove is going to be torture for me, but I’m sure I’ll figure out ways to prepare food (I may even be able to bribe some of the apartment dwellers to let me cook for them). For example: Mom is shipping me my blender so I can do the green smoothie challenge in July. I know, I would.

Running and training for my 10K, on the other hand, I can tell won’t be so easy. First of all, I hurt my knee and I don’t know what’s wrong with it at the moment, so I’m not sure how that’s going to play out. Also, I’m still adjusting to the altitude. Walking up a hill gets me 10x as winded here, so I need to be careful about how much strenuous activity I do in the next few days. Fortunately, I’ve been doing a lot of walking so I still feel like I’m getting some exercise in while I’m acclimating to the altitude. Luckily, I think I have also managed to avoid altitude sickness by staying ridonkulously hydrated. (I drank almost a gallon of water yesterday – lets try to make that a habit, shall we?)

I can’t wait for all the music making to get underway, to meet my teacher and start lessons, and for my 21ST BIRTHDAY, WHICH IS IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! Weeeee! But for now, back to the practicing grind, so I can feel like I earned those margaritas on July 2nd 😉



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