Music Mondays: How to be a Healthier Musician

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For those of you that missed it, this past Thursday was a very special day.

Why? Well, I did a lot of things on Thursday. I wrote a paper on the French Baroque while sitting in my car so that I wouldn’t get a ticket during alternate side parking hours. I took a yoga class in which I *almost* (almost) kinda attempted my first handstand. I drove to Philadelphia for a great first rehearsal with the orchestra I’m playing Vivaldi Winter with next month! AND I ate a chef salad with grilled chicken on it that tried to market itself as a caesar salad. Seriously, what?? A packet of caesar dressing on the side does not a caesar salad make. Also, YOU DO NOT PUT CHEDDAR ON A CAESAR SALAD!!! PARMESAN OR BUST!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so, except for that last thing, it was a very productive day. But I also did something else pretty new and exciting.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. (Side note: Have you ever wondered how drum rolls work? Can hands move that fast? How do I not know this as a second year master’s student at a music school?)


My first video is all about being a healthier musician, and I discuss everything from healthy practicing to unfortunate encounters with gummy worms. It’s entertaining and educational at the same time, and hopefully you haven’t already learned these tips the hard way. I mean, I already did, so why should you have to? Always looking out for ma’ frandszz. 

Be sure to subscribe to my channel! I’ll be posting a new video every month, but may or may not have a special surprise video coming out this week 😉 Keep an eye and an ear out!



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