Welcome to The Hungry Musician! My name is Sarah, and I’m a musician and lover of all things edible. Currently, I find my home in New York City where I’m a graduate student at Juilliard studying baroque violin. I have loved cooking for as long as I can remember, which is (coincidentally) about as long as I’ve been playing music.  The Hungry Musician first began as a suggestion from a friend that I start a food blog in my sophomore year of college. I had just moved into my first real apartment, and finally had a kitchen to myself, so I was cooking like crazy. Originally, my blog was a fusion of music and food, and the posts connected dishes I made to various aspects of music (i.e. Overtures = Hors d’Oeuvres, Brahms = German Potato Salad, you get the picture). I thought that concept was totally AWESOME, but at the time, the only people actually reading my blog were people that were related to me. And possibly my cats.

On the blog today, you might notice a theme – with a few exceptions, I like to keep my recipes as nutritious as possible. That’s because, once upon a time, I ate a few too many muffins as a college freshman. I then realized my mistake and lost 60 pounds. 


Although weight loss is no longer my primary goal, maintaining a permanent way of living well is very important to me. Basically what that means is that I love big crunchy salads but I also really love cheesecake… I just happen to eat more of the former. 

I love sharing my adventures in the kitchen, in music, and in life in general. On the blog they are somewhat separate entities, but as in real life, they often tie together.  I hope you will enjoy reading all of my nerdy musings and maybe collect some recipes along the way. 😉



-Sarah (The Hungry Musician)