Style For On- and Off-Stage: Stitch Fix Review!

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“I received a credit to try Stitch Fix as a result of this promotion. By posting this review I am entering a contest sponsored by Stitch Fix and am eligible to win a prize. I was not compensated for my time. This post contains affiliate links.”


I have a confession: I’m addicted to clothes, and have been ever since I learned how to pick them out for myself. 

There’s something about stepping out in a new outfit that is just so satisfying. I don’t have expensive taste, but I do have a constant itch to change up my wardrobe, so discovering Stitch Fix last year has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. That’s why, when I heard they’d be hosting a sponsored contest with The Recipe Redux…



For those unfamiliar, Stitch Fix sends you clothing personally hand-picked for you by a stylist. Now, I love a good trip to the mall (and like to think I can dress myself halfway decently), but I’m the kind of girl who finds a good pair of pants and then buys them in six colors. So, having an expert pick out styles for me allows me to go outside my comfort zone and incorporate unique, adorable pieces I probably wouldn’t try on otherwise!

Another great thing about Stitch Fix is that your stylist tailors each “fix” to your needs and budget. For example, I wrote in my “Style Profile” that I’m a musician, and am always looking for cute (yet conservative) black blouses for concerts. And whenever I have an event or recital coming up, my stylist is always there to help me find the perfect dress. I also connect my stylist to a Pinterest board where I can share all of the latest trends I’ve been loving. I DON’T love to spend a fortune, though, so my stylist makes sure the pieces I’m sent are within my budget.

Every time you request a “fix,” your stylist sends you five pieces. Whatever you don’t absolutely love, you can send back for free! This month, my pieces were:

Gaura Back Detail Knit Top



This is an adorable top! I was skeptical of the horizontal stripes at first, but they didn’t end up being unflattering. What WAS a little unflattering was actually the detail on the back which, although very cute, pulled a bit with my arms relaxed. I really liked the shirt on (especially with these sage green pants and wedges) but decided after lots of thought that I wasn’t in love with it enough to keep it. However, it has TOTALLY renewed my faith in horizontal stripes! 😉 


Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top -and- Arden Printed Maxi Skirt



I loved the fit of this skirt when I first unboxed it. It hugged my curves in all the right places! Unfortunately, the faux wrap look (which I usually love) did not flatter my figure in this particular style. My stylist knows I lo0o0ove floral prints too, but I felt the large, chunky print was overwhelming for my height (or lack thereof). I paired the fitted skirt with the looser dolman top, which was super soft and comfy but not my favorite style. Though I loved the wide neckline, I’m not a fan of sleeves that are purposefully baggy under the arms – they make me feel like a bat! 😛

Lisbon Stud Detail Blouse


This piece and the next were sent to me as options for concert blouses. The length, neckline, and overall cut of this blouse were SO flattering, but in my opinion, the stud detail would be a bit too loud for a concert or gig. I also didn’t love that the sleeves cut off and went in at the elbows.

Nevis Embroidery Detail Blouse


We have a WINNER! I have been looking for a light, sheer black concert blouse for ages and have been having a surprisingly hard time finding a cute one. The embroidery on the front is understated but decorative. The length is not too long, which is hard to come by with a loose tunic-like top, especially when you’re fun-sized 😉 Paired with my favorite go-to concert pants, this blouse was just perfect! I can’t wait to wear it to my next concert or gig.

Curious about trying Stitch Fix? See for yourself! 🙂



Middle Eastern Tahini Deviled Eggs

Raise your hand if you are READY FOR SUMMER VACATION. *lots of girls-with-raised-hands emojis*

In the eight (ack!) weeks since we last spoke over crepes, a lot has happened. I played a master’s recital, made my first ever wedding cake for my best friend’s wedding, performed some more, graduated with a master’s degree (with a former New York Yankee)… Oh. And another thing:


This is probably not real life. Actually, I’m positive it’s not. I’m definitely just having the deepest and most wonderful nap dream ever. Is somebody gonna wake me up before I pee? No? SO IT IS REAL?! 😀

In all seriousness though, I’m ecstatic to be continuing my education in their historical performance program. Who wouldn’t be?! I get to play baroque violin all day every day, play with an amazing group, and learn from some of early music’s most revered artists. This has been a dream of mine ever since I began playing baroque violin, and it’s actually coming true.


….I am also a leeeetle bit wiped out though. #realtalk. This was a warm (not quite hot) mess of a busy year that turned out to be SO BEYOND worth the struggle. Preparing an audition on baroque violin while still juggling grad student life on modern violin nearly made me crazy, and I questioned my sanity every 7 minutes, basically. One thing I learned in the process, though, is that when things get stressful, you just need to power through one day, one task, and one minute at a time. Bite-sized goals on small plates… Do you see where I’m going yet?


Music Mondays: How to be a Healthier Musician

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For those of you that missed it, this past Thursday was a very special day.

Why? Well, I did a lot of things on Thursday. I wrote a paper on the French Baroque while sitting in my car so that I wouldn’t get a ticket during alternate side parking hours. I took a yoga class in which I *almost* (almost) kinda attempted my first handstand. I drove to Philadelphia for a great first rehearsal with the orchestra I’m playing Vivaldi Winter with next month! AND I ate a chef salad with grilled chicken on it that tried to market itself as a caesar salad. Seriously, what?? A packet of caesar dressing on the side does not a caesar salad make. Also, YOU DO NOT PUT CHEDDAR ON A CAESAR SALAD!!! PARMESAN OR BUST!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so, except for that last thing, it was a very productive day. But I also did something else pretty new and exciting.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. (Side note: Have you ever wondered how drum rolls work? Can hands move that fast? How do I not know this as a second year master’s student at a music school?)


My first video is all about being a healthier musician, and I discuss everything from healthy practicing to unfortunate encounters with gummy worms. It’s entertaining and educational at the same time, and hopefully you haven’t already learned these tips the hard way. I mean, I already did, so why should you have to? Always looking out for ma’ frandszz. 

Be sure to subscribe to my channel! I’ll be posting a new video every month, but may or may not have a special surprise video coming out this week 😉 Keep an eye and an ear out!


Music Mondays: Applying for Music School

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If our high school experiences were at all similar, you were definitely THAT nerd. You know, the one whose favorite subject was orchestra, the one who was always in rehearsal, and the one who brought his/her instrument to school and practiced during lunch. As you sat one day alternating arpeggios with bites of your brown bag sandwich, I bet you dreamt of a place filled with nerds just like you, where not only would it be socially acceptable to practice during school hours, but expected of you. I bet that’s also when you considered becoming a music major.

And then, we have September, the official beginning of application (and premature pumpkin spice latte) season. I went through the audition process twice – once for college, and once for graduate school – and the processes were almost identical. At the end of each process, I ended up happy with my choice and studying with fantastic teachers. Some would say that’s lucky, but I don’t really agree. While your admission is not technically “up to you,” your success as an applicant is 100% yours to take. I hope these tips I learned along the way make the music school admission process seem not only manageable for you, but exciting! 🙂

Rock Hall Auditorium at my alma mater, Temple University!


ISRAEL! (Part 2)

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It’s that time, friends. Israel recap, part 2! I tried to keep it brief, but I’m bad at that. So, it’s actually kind of long. But there are LOTS of pictures of food, though. So, sorry, and you’re welcome?


Days 4-6: Jerusalem

Today we began our bus ride to Jerusalem, and started it off at Givat Haviva, where we attended a wonderful seminar on coexistence. When we arrived in the city of Jerusalem, we started off at Shuk Machane Yehuda, the market in the center of town. There were people EV-E-RY-WHERE, but even though my self-diagnosed claustrophobia was at an all-time high, I secretly loved it – I mean, we were literally surrounded by food. Here, I sampled different types of halva, bought an INCREDIBLE fresh mango, discovered new types of fruit I didn’t know existed, and ate a honey-soaked-donut thing that I claimed was way too sweet, but of course, finished anyway. Life is short people – eat things soaked in honey.