ISRAEL! (Pt. 1)

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I’m not an impulsive person. At ALL. But a few months ago, I stumbled upon an Instagram post from the wonderful Molly Yeh (of my name is yeh) saying that there were only a few days left to sign up for a culinary birthright trip she would be leading to Israel. First of all, WHO HERE KNEW THAT CULINARY BIRTHRIGHTS WERE A THING, AND WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?! A free trip to Israel to eat everything in sight sounded REALLY good on that too-cold-to-be-March-day. At that very moment it became opposite day, and I spent the next 48 hours scrambling to produce a ridiculous number of forms and applications. Within a few weeks, I had me some plane tickets and a formal invitation to eat alllll the hummus.

And so, for 10 days this month, that’s exactly what I did. Here are some anecdotes from the first half of the trip:

PART I: Northern Israel, Haifa, Akko, TzfatIsrael1


Organization ≠ Perfection: A Journey in Self-Discipline

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When I decided on a whim last year to apply for graduate school right away, the process was exactly as crazy as you would expect. It seemed as if there was so much to accomplish, and so little time in which to accomplish it. I mean, life always feels that way, right? And sometimes, it’s true. But other times, it really does only FEEL that way. So, I bought a planner. I started organizing my day into chunks, hour by hour, in order to fit in everything I needed to do. This seriously changed my life forever. To this day, I still make daily, handwritten schedules. On some rare days, I am able to follow them to a “T,” but when I can’t, I love the security of knowing my own time like the back of my hand, and being able to see it in writing when I don’t. What can I say, I’m the daughter of a professional organizer (literally).


Thoughts of a College-Grad-To-Be (Plus: What I Ate This Week)

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When I left for college in August of 2010, my parents held a little send-off for me, wherein my older friends and relatives offered me a variety of college “survival” tips. Among them were the standard, “bring flip-flops for showering,” “always eat a good meal before a ‘night out,'” and “leave your door open while you’re home to meet new people.” I must say, though, that the best advice I received that evening was, “enjoy your college years, because they’ll be over before you know it.” I couldn’t imagine at first that this could possibly be true. My college degree was (hopefully) going to take four years, as did high school, and high school seemed to take FOREVER. Then when I got to college, I knew.



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This week’s buzzword is balanceI have spent four years of college desperately trying to figure out what balance actually means in the context of my daily life. Each year, balance has meant something different to me. Let me take you on a virtual tour. 


I can’t sleep, so here’s an update!

Since it has been quite a while since I posted, I feel I have a fair amount of catching up to do. In a nutshell, since I last posted, I’ve been practicing. A ton. And playing in orchestra under amazing and inspiring conductors! Also, my mom came to visit two weeks ago! We did an early morning hike up to the Maroon Bells/Crater Lake. I also took a picture of a Quest Bar on our hike, which won me a free box of bars from the company! We also took the Gondola up to Aspen Mountain, saw some concerts, and went cray cray on the Aspen food scene. I had a good solid 3 days where I ate almost every meal at a restaurant and I freaking LOVED it.