Easy Lemon Ricotta Crepes

I am, by all accounts, a savory brunch person.

Maybe someone can explain this phenomenon to me, because my sweet tooth is out of control, yet I very rarely order or make sweet brunch food. Maybe I avoid it subconsciously, because I know I’ll end up falling asleep right after I eat it (can someone say sugar crash?). Maybe it’s because I really appreciate a perfectly-cooked egg, especially when it’s oozing down a mountain of mashed avocado or smoked salmon and hollandaise. Or, maybe I just appreciate it when someone ELSE is responsible for perfectly cooking that egg for me. I don’t know.

Some days though, I do get a hankering for something sweet that only the french toasts, pancakes, oats, and pastries of the world can satisfy. And some days, I truly can’t make up my mind. For those days, the brunch solution is clear:




Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Cookies with Maple Icing (Vegan)

I’m REAALLLYY excited this week, people. Why? Because one of my FAVORITE people is moving back to New York City!! I’ve known my friend Neil for almost a decade (what), so he is an incredibly important person in my life. 


Neil is the friend who gives me the BEST advice that I usually choose not to take – but it’s cool, because I know he doesn’t take mine either.

Neil is also the friend who traveled 2 hours to Philly in freezing rain one time to hear me play a recital. He later got stranded with my parents in Trenton. Never complained. Seriously, not even in TRENTON. 

Neil participates in my ridiculousness, calls me on my crap, and attempts to help me understand men (key word being “attempts”). Honestly, this kid is awesomesauce. AND NOW HE’S GONNA LIVE HERE.


And so, in honor of Neil moving here, I made cookies. You see, I LIKE cookies, but Neil LOOOVES cookies. Neil loves cookies more than anyone I know. He actually said to me today that once he moves here, he’d like to start guest-writing on my blog. His column, as he put it, would be called “Uncle Neil’s Cookie Corner.” LOL. I think it’s hilarious and fantastic and I’m actively considering it. Please weigh in. 


PB&J Donuts

Donuts are my kryptonite. There are very few things in this world that make me forget that I have self control, and donuts are pretty much all of them.

I usually avoid them for this reason, but while on Spring break earlier this month visiting my cousins in North Carolina, I decided to treat myself to a toasted amaretto donut. Yes, it was as good as it sounds. And in those few, all-too-short minutes of edible bliss, I fell head-over-heels. Of course, the honeymoon was short lived, because I came sugar-crashing back to reality almost instantly. But it was worth it.


Breakfast Pizza

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I have learned to cherish leftovers in a whole new way over the past seven months. Things can get crazy over here (in the best kind of way) trying to juggle school, teaching, blogging, working, AND attempting to have some kind of a social life. As much as I love making new recipes and playing around in the kitchen, I very often have to rely on leftovers to be my meals, or to become the ingredients for new meals.




This kind of makes me feel old. I used to cook new recipes on weekdays regularly, but I think those times are dwindling. I just don’t have the same time or energy I used to… WHAT IS THIS “BEING AN ADULT” THING AND HOW DO I END IT? 


“Bagel and Lox” Frittata

Want to know the world’s truest truth? It is this.


My friend got me these Yiddish fridge magnets, which inadvertently led to the creation of this philosophy, and I think my life’s work is now complete. Didn’t even need to finish my Master’s Degree.

Roughly translated for modern application, “Oy, I have schvitzed just for a bagel and lox sandwich” could mean something like, “I went to that crazy spin class, just so I could eat a bagel with smoked salmon at brunch and feel less guilty about it.” I may have done this, but I will neither confirm nor deny. Just kidding, it’s 100% confirmed.