Chorizo, Corn, and Burst Heirloom Tomato Frittata

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Hey strangers! Are you EVEN surprised that I disappeared again? I’m not. Womp. The last time I posted was right before heading off on tour to New Zealand. That was three months ago. Omg. MONTHS.

I’ve been MIA a lot recently, but between the tour + vacationing in Australia + performing in Oregon + (some more) vacationing in the mountains + (even more) performing at home in NY + finally getting into spinning, I’ve been busy this summer. Especially that last part. Time flies when you’re trying to look cute holding in cardio burps.

Speaking of things flying by, in a matter of weeks I’ll be back at Juilliard for my LAST YEAR OF SCHOOL EVER, LOLWUT. How did this happen? I started college almost EIGHT years ago. Had I taken slightly different classes, I could have pretty much been a doctor by now… *nose laugh* #freelancemusicianlife #givemeajobplease

I kid, but I really am feeling super motivated going into this year. Not only do we have an amazing concert season coming up, but I’m also really excited to begin my foray into the real world. I know that scares a lot of young people in my position, and don’t misunderstand, I LOVE being in school and the little immersive, protective bubble it provides. But I just turned 25, and I’m feeling very ready to do things. So… Let’s go.

Is this getting too existential? Should we talk about brunch instead? Lol. OK. *wins award for smoothest segue*


“Bagel and Lox” Frittata

Want to know the world’s truest truth? It is this.


My friend got me these Yiddish fridge magnets, which inadvertently led to the creation of this philosophy, and I think my life’s work is now complete. Didn’t even need to finish my Master’s Degree.

Roughly translated for modern application, “Oy, I have schvitzed just for a bagel and lox sandwich” could mean something like, “I went to that crazy spin class, just so I could eat a bagel with smoked salmon at brunch and feel less guilty about it.” I may have done this, but I will neither confirm nor deny. Just kidding, it’s 100% confirmed.